Foto: Anja Jahn

Über Nicola Stattmann

Nicola Stattmann studied product design and has been at home in the field of eco-design for 20 years. In 2003, she set up her own business, Büro Nicola Stattmann, based in Frankfurt am Main. The office specialises in sustainable product development and innovation. It develops product strategies and solutions for well-known companies from a wide range of industries that are characterised by genuine innovation, sustainability, intelligent material-technology combinations, good design and technological leadership.

In 2011, Nicola Stattmann founded STATTMANN FURNITURE – a spin-off of the family-owned joinery that has been in existence since 1876. The furniture company realises projects worldwide with well-known architecture firms. As the person responsible for product development, brand strategy and communication at STATTMANN, Nicola Stattmann has many years of experience in the conception, design and manufacture of series products and their marketing.

Über OMC°C

Building on their many years of expertise in the field of sustainable product development, Nicola Stattmann and Carlotta Ludig turned to the topic of greening urban spaces in the context of advancing climate change in 2020 and developed initial concepts. Since 2020, the OMC°C founders have been working on the topic of urban greenery, which, with its many interfaces, interest groups involved and heterogeneous infrastructures, is proving to be both complex and inspiring. Since then, the team has expanded to include experts from science, horticulture, architecture, engineering, product design, steel and timber construction and business administration. Everyone brings a love of experimentation, innovative perspectives and in-depth expertise to the table. And as the project has numerous benefits for people and nature, research partners have also recently joined the project.


Nicola Stattmann is part of the jury for the museum exhibition and awards in 2024.