Mobile Shelter for Forest and Nature Kindergartens

Julius Abromeit GmbH

März / March - 2023

Kunsthochschule Kassel



Nature education is a form of education in which children spend time in nature every day and in all weathers. This approach is becoming increasingly popular on an international level, as more and more parents want their children to be educated close to nature. This diploma thesis examines the contents of this pedagogical approach as well as current developments in this form of care, and incorporates the material and immaterial requirements in a child-friendly interior design. The interior creates free play opportunities, enables a change of perspective, and promotes the individual and pre-school development of the children. In collaboration with the company, the architecture of a Tiny House was adapted to this new usage scenario and produced using a nature-compatible construction method. “It is not he child who should adapt to the environment, but the environment that should adapt to the child.” (Maria Montessori)