Biosphere 1,618

Robotics for Companion Planting

Yugang Dong

Oktober / October - 2022

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Master of Arts


Are monocultures the only solution in the agricultural industry? How can we redefine agriculture through the advancement of technology in the areas of information, electronics, and robotics? Should we separate ourselves from nature or integrate with nature? What is the golden ratio between nature, humans, and machines? The project focuses on constructing a more sustainable agricultural system in which people, nature, and machines respect and cooperate with each other. The mixed cultivation in a vineyard forms the context of the concept, which is composed of four application levels, namely mobility, function, service, and system. When supported by the necessary infrastructure, the four-legged robot can carry out different activities in various contexts with the help of functional modules. Thanks to the intelligent system, all activities are planned and managed efficiently.