Xingchen Ye

März / March - 2020

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

Master of Arts


#BEAUTYTRUE is a selfie app. My main goal in creating this app was to give young women the opportunity to realistically and clearly learn the truth about plastic surgery, see all the procedures, risks and news about cosmetic flaws. At the same time, by showing a real plastic surgery procedure, users will understand the stark contrast between surgery and selfies and the price they have to pay for it.

What is the Topic?

With thousands of "beauty" photos being generated almost every second on social media, it's beginning harder to accept photos that aren't edited or even filtered. Retouching photos after taking them has become the norm for today's youth. However, a 2017 survey of facial plastic surgeons revealed that 55% of surgeons reported that patients wanted cosmetic procedures because they wanted to look just like their Selfie. Especially many young girls. This phenomenon is known as "selfie dysmorphia." But do these young girls really know the process and risks of cosmetic surgery?

Why does it look like this?

The primary aim of the App is to enable young women from 17 to 34 years of age to know realistically and clearly the truth about plastic surgery, to see all the processes, risks and news about cosmetic errors of plastic surgery. This is made possible by giving the young women the opportunity to take their first selfies or stories on a smartphone (IOS), but the difference is that once the process is complete, the screen is locked and then the previous selfie or story is played back on the screen. At the same time, the "edited" part was accompanied by the whole process of real cosmetic surgery. This app offers the young women an alternative to plastic surgery so that they must consider the matter well before deciding. Through the alternative, young women have the opportunity to compare it with unreality and reality and to reflect on its truth and values.

What is special?

The app is powered by AI technology, which allows users to see the surgery taking place directly on their selfies, through their phones. One can thus have a more visual and clearer view of the plastic surgery. And the user has only one chance to take a selfie, just like real surgery, and once the decision is made the surgery will not be able to be stopped.

What is new?

In my master's thesis I tried to explore the connection between female interaction design and social aesthetics with this app. Many women may know that it is very short-sighted to follow the aesthetic trend, but this is the influence of society. I hope that in the future the aesthetics of this world will be rich and colorful and more and more "imperfect" appearances will be accepted by people and people will be free to be themselves.