Baschnja Leuchte

Ilja Huber

Juli / July - 2018

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg


A lamp consisting of modular and mobile lighting elements.

What is the Topic?

The use of light and the individual design of the light atmosphere in our living rooms was the approach for the project. The idea was to create a luminaire that could be divided into several luminaires and positioned anywhere in the room.

Why does it look like this?

The design and the choice of materials were 95 percent based on the requirements and the desired function. The remaining 5 per cent came from my personal understanding of timeless design. For example, the tower-like shape was chosen so that when a lighting element was removed, it would only become smaller, but the basic structure would not change.

What is special?

The special feature of this luminaire is that it presents itself as an object and can also be used in its function as an object. However, if the light sources want to be used in a different position, the luminaire can be divided into three individual luminaires and distributed individually. Whenever light is needed somewhere, a part of the light can simply be removed.

What is new?

What's new is that the luminaire is both modular and mobile. The luminaire consists of a charging station with only one connection to the mains and three stacked luminaire elements. This makes it very space-saving. These are designed in such a way that they charge each other via a circular contact connection without any further plugs or cables. A special circuit was developed for this purpose.