als elementare Erfahrung des körperlichen Seins / as an elementary experience of physical being

Judith Kamp

Februar / February - 2022

Hochschule Düsseldorf

Master of Arts


We find balance, we measure it, we feel it, lose it again and always strive for it. We cannot always grasp it or explain it precisely, but it still surrounds us. Balance is an omnipresent concept for us, but it often emerges so subtly that we are not aware of it in everyday life. To become aware of the meaning of balance, we have to experience it. The work takes up the important aspect of a direct connection between mental and physical balance and deals with different states of balance. In a playful way, balance as a constantly rebalancing process becomes visible and tangible for the users. Through the interaction with the created series of everyday products, it becomes an elementary experience of physical being. They create a sensitivity for perception and encourage a slowed-down and more conscious approach to ourselves and our environment.