Charlotte Moch

November / November - 2020

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



The goal of my design is to make water consumption and water pollution visible in order to increase environmental awareness among its users. AVA is a water-saving sink for public sanitary rooms. It is a closed system for washing hands and is made of a sink, faucet and soap dispenser. The faucet is transparent and contains 500 ml water, which is exactly the amount of water needed to wasch hands. The tap automaticaly refills after each use. Its Form and Material allows its user to see how quickly the water level is sinking. After the first amount of water has been dispensed, the water will stop and soap will be dispensed instead. During the current covid pandemic it becomes very important to wasch hands properly with soap which ist the reason why the remaining water will be dispensed 30 seconds later. Finally the dirty water is collected in the sink, this way it allows the user, once again, to see how much water has been consumed and polluted.