Aries Glove

Entwurf eines Exo-Handschuhs zur Greifunterstützung und Rehabilitation / Design of an exo-glove for gripping support and rehabilitation

Stefan Teubner

Aries Lab (University of Heidelberg)

Mai / May - 2022

Technische Universität Dresden

Bachelor of Arts


The human hand is not only one of the most complex anatomical structures, it is above all the most important interface for the use of work tools and the performance of any Activities of Daily Life (ADLs). Unfortunately, neuromuscular diseases and traumatic events limit the function of the hand and dramatically worsen the quality of life of affected individuals. Medical rehabilitation of the hand remains a challenge. Based on previous development results of Aries Lab's Exo glove, a user-friendly product design concept is developed. Due to often occurring post-traumatic depression after an accident event like a herniated disc or a stroke, the Exo Glove should not only provide functional support in use, but much more provide a positive experience in rehabilitation.