Yu-cheng Lin

Mai / May - 2020

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



Adaptus is an interactive and systematic footwear customization and purchase experience in which the user customizes and prints out shoes in a simulated environment.

What is the Topic?

My topic is the future of shoe manufacturing. The Idea is to find out perfect footwear for each one of the consumers in an interactive and natural way.

Why does it look like this?

For the future production of footwear, the focus is on the intelligent system and the associated interactive footwear buying experience. This offers customers the opportunity to immediately print out the perfectly designed shoes in the shoe shop with its simulation field. The shoe printer is capable to change its triangle ringform to another shapes of ringform based on customer's needs and their feet. Besides, the innovative active interface can proactivily help customers to understand instructions with multiple modes for interacting with the system between the printer and the room.

What is special?

This shoe manufacturing process is integrated into the store and therefore, into the shopping experience as an intelligent system with printing technology. The system offers a service within which a shoe printer with intelligent biomaterials and a simulation space are combined to immediately print out shoes. A simulation takes place where the environment physically transforms according to the desired form and function and in it, the user exercises or performs a set of actions. The shape of the shoes is defined by the user's particular movements and performance during the simulation and finally, it is converted into the most suitable shoe type for the user. The form follows the user.

What is new?

The footwear can be naturally morphed by bio-printmaterials, and continuously transforms from the beginning to the end of the purchase according our movement and performance while we exercise in the room. The bio-printmaterials simulate the various of structures of material to designed positions of shoe and create customers perfect shoes.