Whole Earth Project

Eine von der Gemeinschaft betriebene Bibliothek zur Lösung von humanitären und Umweltkrisen als gemeinsames Gut / A community-driven library for solutions to humanitarian and environmental crises as a common good

Louis Bruno Bindernagel

April / April - 2022

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


The Whole Earth project is a unique emergency response platform that facilitates a dialogue between designers, makers, and people working on the ground. Inspired by the independent production of face shields during the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact this had, the Whole Earth project deals with the analysis, consolidation, and creation of networks dedicated to the idea of Think Global, Make Local. It follows the approach of a decentralised production system, with ideas that are shared globally. The concept of open-source and the common creative licence allow blueprints of products to be shared freely as digital data via the internet and independently produced on-site following a demand. This gives rise to the possibility that not just one or a few actors, but a global process can emerge, with different people from different backgrounds working on it. The Whole Earth project puts this approach into practice in the context of responding to humanitarian or ecological crises.