Modulares Gerüstsystem / Modular framework system

Arvid Riemeyer
Liam Statz

Allike Store (CTBI Trading GmbH)

Februar / February - 2022

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

Bachelor of Arts


Technomorph is a modular framework system that can be understood as a kit. Consisting of standardized profile bars and minimal connector elements, it allows the construction of objects of various sizes: From furniture, to social places, to architectural structures. The assembly can be done with simple tools, allowing a collaborative creation of structures - a process in which the creativity of the users is challenged. The system, as a substructure for different scenarios, offers the possibility to integrate further materials (sheet materials etc.) and, after the need has passed, to reintegrate them into their primal cycle. Design-wise, as well as technically, the project takes its origin from the traditional scaffolding. This impression is intended to stimulate a new understanding of furniture, interiors and places in terms of their lifespan and changeability – and therefore to (re)fuel the question of contemporary design.