Lost & Found

Lena Beigel

Januar / January - 2020

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Master of Arts


"Lost & Found - Fragments of the Franconian Culture" is an eight-piece service, which is related to a five-course menu and the served food on that tableware.

What is the Topic?

The project "Lost & Found - Fragments of the Franconian Culture“ explores the transformation of the cultural elements of Franconia from culinary and ceramic art to the present day. Old, almost forgotten elements are taken up and made visible in a new staging by setting them in a current context. In cooperation with the chef Nathalie de Hartog, an experience between dishes, food and people was developed.

Why does it look like this?

Point of departure for designing this service were various tableware objects, which were found during the research. Those objects created on a direct way a lot of associations and inspiration. They were fragmented into their design elements and taken up again by reassembling them in a sense or nonsense.

What is special?

The personal relationship between Nathalie de Hartog (chef) and me is special. We both grew up in Franconia and have our roots in this culture. The menu was created at the same time and in dependence to the service. Surfaces and shapes were individually adapted to the dishes/ ingredients and coordinated with the menu. The regional context is special. Ingredients, recipes and tableware archetypes all find their origin in Franconia and run through the entire work. What is special about this project is that it took place in reality. On my initiative the menu, the tableware, the dinner evening were created. Thus this project, these products became real experienceable and an immediate feedback of the guests could be caught up.

What is new?

This service is a new staging through interpretation of archetypal cultural tableware elements and a development of new forms through a contemporary transformation of these. The use of the gastronomic framework of a Supper Club allows an individual implementation of the project and thus offers a special novel way of experiencing design. Furthermore, the work Lost & Found offers the possibility to make regional culture experiencable and accessible.