Mit Pflanzen leben / Living with plants

Max Guderian

Juli / July - 2021

Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe



POTTED is a series of furnishings based on plant pots. Through the novel combination of plants and furniture, I want to create opportunities to bring nature back into the interior and take advantage of their functional properties. Thus, a flower pot can serve as a table base or function as a seat. The furniture is designed to be connected and disconnected at any time, so plants can be replaced without damaging them. The bench consists of straight and arched modules, each covering 1/6 of a circle. The ends push together and snap securely to the plant pot. This allows for versatile use and free (re)arrangement of plants, small in private or large in public spaces. The tables are available in two different sizes. Minimal use of materials with 100% recyclability and manufacturing with sustainable spruce wood and terracotta.