Imke Drees

September / September - 2019

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


Pēgma is a carrier basket for books, which can also be used for presentation und organisation of courses of actions with the medium book. The production out of formfleece does not only make it lightweight, but also lets it become an acoustically beneficial design object in premises such as libraries. The design of the basket is inspired by compact bookshelves because the book backs are visible on the sides. The carrier basket is universally useful for different target groups and contents. Because of its unsophisticated design, it makes a great addition and fits seamlessly into the interior of modern and traditional university libraries likewise.

What is the Topic?

The topic consists of two core elements. Firstly, the handling of the material formfleece and secondly the analysis of reading zones, specifically, libraries. Therefore, an in-depth investigation of different university libraries and public city libraries was conducted. Libraries have always been known to be centres of knowledge and reading. More and more libraries are defining themselves new and are offering a more creative range, which is why a lot of times the book inventory is metaphorically moved into the background. It is important that the user is nevertheless being invited to interact with the books and is supported in his*her use of them. Following this thought, Pēgma was designed. The carrier basket links to this topic in multiple touching points. Primarily it is used as an aid for the library visitors. However, since it can also be used as a presentation object and module for organization by combining it with other elements, its usefulness goes far beyond that of a simple carrying basket.

Why does it look like this?

The outer form language of Pēgma has arisen strongly out of the demand and the production technology. Inspired by the functionality of a regular bookshelf, which only requires a ground and lateral support props, the form was conducted and has evolved from there. Compared to regular plastic baskets, the front of Pēgma was intentionally designed open, so that especially the spines of the books are presented. This represents a completely new way of carrying media because at any time all the items and books are visible and treated with a kind of respect. It was important to press the object out of one singular element so that the basic shape is as straightforward as possible. This way, Pēgma forms a fitting addition in any environment and can easily be combined with other components to broaden its function.

What is special?

Pēgma offers way more than just ergonomic comfort and a storage solution for books. It can also be carried one-handedly or over the shoulder by extending it with other elements. Through the combination with a shelving system, it can be used as a central element in library interior design, by for example being used by the employees for pre-selected books, returns and special collections. Even in a filled state, the basked can be hung into this system and removed from it very easily. In combination with a matching book trolley or handcart even larger amounts of books can easily be carried. Especially for illustrated books, comics and children’s books, a frontal presentation makes sense, in which the visitor goes through the different media himself. Even for this function, Pēgma can be used. This shows that the basked can be easily modified and used by visitors and employees of the libraries likewise, all upon need. The design of Pēgma presents the book medium appealingly and also encourages interaction. Up to now there is no comparable system, that could revolutionize the interior of libraries this fundamentally.

What is new?

The closest product relative of Pēgma would probably be a standard plastic carrier basket, as is being used in many supermarkets. And even this service is not offered in every library yet. Pēgma stands as a product that has been developed explicitly for reading zones and is adjusted to the needs of their users. Formfleece presents a much more fitting material for libraries and the contact with books than plastic. Through Pēgma there was created an object of that kind for libraries for the first time, which can define their interior completely new and will fit into the premises and the necessities of different libraries seamlessly.