Partial Hot Pressing of Biobased Mycelial Composites as a Tool for Sustainable Product Design

Till Rehling

Februar / February - 2023

Kunsthochschule Kassel



The diploma thesis “Mycopress” deals with the industrial processing of fungal mycelium-based composites as a sustainable alternative to plastics. The innovative approach of partial hot pressing recombines material properties and expands the performance and application fields of the biomaterial. The potential of the process also lies in the standardisation of the workpieces and is demonstrated in a modular system of walls, panels and lights. Several of the identical parts can be connected to form individual partitions and wall or ceiling panels in numerous patterns, depending on the desired degree of shielding and spatial requirements. The acoustic effect of the material is enhanced by the sound-refracting shape design. In addition, the modular system can be used to create wall, pendant and spot luminaires with uniform lighting technology and installation, which contributes to sustainability and user-friendliness.