Inflatable Agriculture, ein neues Bild der Landwirtschaft / a new view on agriculture

Philipp Kleine

April / April - 2022

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



LIAM, short for Lightweight Inflatable Agriculture Machine, is an innovative solution to prevent soil compaction in agriculture. Due to ever heavier machines, such as tractors, our soils are becoming more and more stressed and thus more and more compacted. LIAM offers a solution to this problem by taking over all the tractors' work and, thanks to its lightweight inflatable structure, no longer stresses the soil. Several air chambers are mounted along a backbone that can be up to 12 m long. The backbone consists of several individual modules, each connecting three chambers with a compressor. At the same time, the equipment is connected to the modules. By selectively inflating individual chambers, the structure can move freely and stabilise itself. Each of the lower chambers can transform itself into a tread surface if the pressure is high. In this way, LIAM can take on different shapes and pull or carry equipment across the fields.