für eine sicherere Ladung / for a safer cargo

Tjerk Teves Theuser

Oktober / October - 2021

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


LIAM is a concept for the automated calculation and monitoring of the securing means of friction-locked loads in freight transport. As part of the work, a system was developed using the example of the most widely used means of freight transport in Germany, trucks, which is intended to significantly increase road safety. The LIAM modules are the core element of the system and represent the link between the lashing equipment and the means of transport. They record all the relevant data from the lashing equipment, which the drivers have had to determine manually up to now, and transmit this data together with the measurement data from the slightly modernized truck trailer to a central control unit. Using the valid formulas for load securing, this calculates whether the securing is correct for the goods specified in the bill of lading. Particularly with a view to autonomous truck traffic, LIAM's high degree of automation offers a pioneering perspective for a safe transport infrastructure.