Inklusion statt Konfektion / Clothing inclusion

Barrierefreiheit in der Modeindustrie durch eine Prozessoptimierung in der Produktion / Accessibility in fashion industry by optimization of production processes

Almut Nowack

Februar / February - 2022

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim

Master of Arts


With their self created ideal of body shape the fashion industry excludes a large part of society from participation. People with physical impairment, like those who need assistance for taking on and off clothes, are affected by this issue the most. Therefore the aim of this thesis was to enable these people to access products of the fashion industry likewise. The final concept resulted in clothes which, besides a better fit, are easier to take on and off, due to higher elasticity in defined zones. The higher elasticity is achieved by small cuts which can be brought into several fabrics via different procedures. This work step can be integrated into the present production without problems and without changing the sequence of production. The additional time and energy needed for the workstep are marginal, in a way which makes the intervention affordable and sustainable from an economic perspective as well as from an ecological perspective.