Hui Jin

Juli / July - 2018

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar


TOII is a toolbox for slum inhabitants to bend of corrugated galvanised iron.

What is the Topic?

TOII is a toolbox for slum inhabitants to build furniture. It makes the bending of Corrugated galvanised iron - construction waste often available and free in the slum, possible and easier. The set of tools is designed to be shared in the community. It can be used for stools(HH), and can be for something else by using their imaginations. It offers not just a chance to own a piece of furniture at home, but also the life in the slums with one more possibility.

Why does it look like this?

The corrugated galvanised iron requires a special tool form. A new tool has been invented through research and testing.

What is special?

It is the easiest way to bend corrugated galvanised iron without machine and Electricity, but only a simple way-thumping is required.

What is new?

The corrugated galvanised iron can be bent, then more thing can be create for the easylife.