Green Shade

Modular Facade Greening for Urban Spaces

Jan Lindstedt


Januar / January - 2023

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Bachelor of Arts


“Green Shade” is a concept and prototype for retrofitted and cost-effective facade greening, which can be implemented without complex integration into the facade. Instead, it uses structures that are already there and reinvents them. As a combination of a sliding shutter and a vertical planting system, it links the benefits of greening the facade to reduce temperature rises in cities with a personal advantage for residents, who can use Green Shade to shadow their windows. Additionally, the sliding mechanism allows the user to profit from the vertical garden system as a balcony substitute. Three different versions of Green Shade can be individually planted and adapted to specific needs: Maximal shade provided by the dense greenery of climbing plants; growing vegetables and fruits; or creating colourful flower landscapes and much needed habitats and food sources for insects and birds.