Ulrike Zelle

April / April - 2018

Fachhochschule Potsdam


The DETA crib caters to the sleeping needs of children aged 0 to 4 years. The furniture meets the needs of newborns and the function as a daily companion to infancy and beyond. Despite the conversion, it retains its significant distinctive recognition features and thus provides a familiar feeling.

What is the Topic?

If you compare twin beds in the market and the offer of single baby beds, where designers come up with new ideas and technologies, you often wonder, who should belong to the target group of twin beds. So a contemporary design and high quality furniture was needed. The intention behind DETA is to show a new design path towards alternative product and productivity thinking. But above all, the project pays homage to a growing group of people - twin parents. For them, their children, a good night's sleep and a healthy, happy development.

Why does it look like this?

In comparison to the more varied market for single baby beds, I achieve a unique selling point in terms of design and function with the twin bed. It fits in with the new families of the 21st century. The DETA cot is a well thought-out design with a focus on functionality, quality and long life. By exceeding the usual limits, the traditional design is renewed. The use of both simple and unexpected materials give the product a unique character that emphasizes clean lines, the beauty of the natural material and the way it is made.

What is special?

The conversion from two single beds to twin beds is very easy. The patent pending foot system is simply opened and the long sides reassembled. The detachable sliding connectors enable flexible handling of the undercarriage. On top of that, both bedsteads with one side removed, have a sturdy frame for two wonderful creatures to cuddle and get together until they become too mobile to lie together. Using Minifix connectors on the head and foot sections, both bed frames can be securely connected. Through this simple system, parents always have the option of separating the twins at any time, when necessary, without having to make any new purchases. Once the child has outgrown the bed, the bed is turned over, the leg frame disassembled and the lying surface placed on top. The lying surface forms through the staggered support wood a closed surface for painting and crafts.

What is new?

The bed combines high quality, traditional materials with a functional and contemporary design. In addition to local production and the use of sustainably produced raw materials, we thought above all about safety and sustanability. The bed has a modular structure and grows with the child, which speaks for a long life and service life. Instead of several products only one has to be bought. Instead of throwing it away, it will continue to be used elsewhere, thus avoiding refuse. That spares nature and of course the purse.