Konzept zur Haltung von Hühner in regenerativen Agrarsystemen / Concept for chicken farming in regenerative agricultural systems

Julius Schlicht

November / November - 2021

Technische Universität Dresden



Automation is on the rise in agriculture. However, many questions remain unanswered in response to the ever-increasing pressure of climate change, even through the use of robots. Higher technologization and isolation of individual processes through automation usually directly or indirectly moves away from environmentally and socially sustainable goals. This work is an exploration of sustainable agricultural processes with a focus on soil health and ecosystem regeneration. Coop the mobile housing concept thus opens up a new field of robotics. The mobile autonomous keeping of laying hens and fattening poultry does not serve as a substitute for human labor but as an active enabler of positive synergy effects in the field. The result is a product that combines ecological, social and economic sustainability.