Participatory Design of a Common Space for Self-Managed, Communal Living

Nikolaus Hößle

WohnUnion Halle eG

Januar / January - 2023

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Master of Arts


During my research on the design requirements for tomorrow's housing, I worked together with the “WohnUnion” cooperative, which is committed to bringing socially responsible housing to Halle. To that end, several houses in the Neumarktviertel are currently being renovated and an integrated WohnUnion association organises cultural events in the neighbourhood. As part of the work, I designed a common space for the backyard, the Hof-Oase, in collaboration with the WohnUnion using three participatory method modules. The space can be used for parties, cultural events or meetings. Residents were provided with an installation tool to give them the opportunity to participate in the design of the Hof-Oase. With this tool, complex digital forms, such as those created in Method Module III with the help of placeholder furniture, can be built from recycled bricks.