About Prof. Kris Krois

Kris Krois teaches and researches in the transdisciplinary and practice-based Master in Eco-Social Design at the Free University of Bolzano. Together with students and teachers/researchers as well as with partners from neighbourhoods, agriculture, science and activism, he develops practices, tools and structures that contribute to socio-ecological transformations towards solidarity-based and sustainable ways of living and producing. Since 2013, he has organised the annual conference By Design or by Disaster2023.

He is involved in various arenas of transformation and always tries to bring things, ideas and actors together in a way that creates positive social change. With this endeavour he is part of KAUZ – Laboratory for climate justice, work and Future, and co-founder of the New European Bauhaus of the Mountains, the research cluster trans-form, Scientists for Future South Tyrol, Zukunftspakt-Patto Futuro, Zukunftspakt-Patto Futuro, Climate Action South Tyrol and the urban lab lab:bz.


Kris Krois is a jury member for the selection of works for the GDG Exhibition & Awards in 2023.