About Anna Badur

Anna Badur combines creative independent work with commissioned projects, always at the intersection of industrial and one-of-a-kind production. In artistic experiments and by hand, she explores materials such as porcelain, paper, textiles and natural stone, demonstrating an eye for color, shape and texture. Her work testifies to a deep engagement with nature and the influences of the weather. Her designs are characterized by a fine sense of the essential as well as the highest demands on functionality and practicability. This is how Anna Badur realizes inspiring objects – from initial concept to prototype construction and ultimately series production.


As successful Berlin designers, Anna Badur and Daniel Lorch offer coaching for two graduates who want to work as independent designers in the future. They share their knowledge about what is important when starting their own business – beyond the stereotypical advice on marketing strategies and business plans. Rather, the aim is to provide a look behind the scenes of successful female designers and to motivate young graduates* to take the important step.

Anna Badur