Bloop Group: The Abyssal Years 2022-2025

Pablo Lapettina

Januar / January - 2022

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Master of Arts


Deep sea mining is an extractivist practice that has occupied business and politics for decades with fluctuating interest, but has never happened until now. Due to the climate crisis and the question of where the minerals for solar panels and car batteries should come from, there is now a "run" on the deep sea: in the form of manganese nodules and other mineral deposits, there are treasures there that promise a sustainable future without having to make sacrifices and should therefore be mined. What are the ecological and social implications of the exploitation of this hitherto hardly explored natural space? What power structures between international organisations and economic actors determine access to the "common heritage of mankind" in extraterritorial areas? The open work process stores text, images, 3D data, sound and open-source maps in an archival manner, the installative setting enables an interactive engagement with the topic.