The initiators Prof. Ineke Hans, Prof. Hermann Weizenegger und Prof. Mark Braun with moderator Lucas Verweij © Mirja Zentgraf
© Mirja Zentgraf

Moderator Lucas Verweij leads through the evening. The initiators Prof. Ineke Hans, Prof. Hermann Weizenegger and Prof. Mark Braun and the host of the exhibition, curator Dr. Claudia Banz, will give the numerous guests from universities, culture and industry an insight into the development process of the German Design Graduates Initiative.

In the exhibition, the young designers engage in intensive discussions with potential sponsors and visitors of the exhibition.

More than 20 prizes and sponsorships will be awarded by representatives from the worlds of culture and business.

The ambassadors come from four areas: Design culture, design practice, design press and design presentation and select their sponsors individually.

© Mirja Zentgraf
The three culture-ambassadors Tulga Beyerle, Dr. Claudia Banz und Dr.Angelika Nollert talking about the GDG-Culture Price © Mirja Zentgraf
Lutz Dietzold, Managing Director
German Design Council
in conversation with other guests © Mirja Zentgraf
© Mirja Zentgraf
© Mirja Zentgraf
Laureate Shanmei Yao © Mirja Zentgraf
© Mirja Zentgraf
Laureate Anna-Lena Wolfrum © Mirja Zentgraf
Practice ambassadors: Stephan Dornhofer, Gerhard Nüssler and in the foreground Andreas Maegerlein © Mirja Zentgraf
Practice ambassador Reinhard Pascher tests an exhibit © Mirja Zentgraf