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Prof. Robert Scheipner
Secretary: Anett Bucksch

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UDK Berlin design
ut für Product- and Processdesign
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Professor Jozef Legrand
Design & Kunst

Professor Holger Neumann
Design & Industrietechnologie

Professor Kathrin Busch
Designtheorie & Kulturwissenschaft

Professor Gesche Joost
Design & Forschung


Professor Robert Scheipner
Design & Grundlagen

Professor Achim Heine
Design & Experiment

Professor Axel Kufus
Design & Entwickeln

Professor Ineke Hans
Design & Social Context

Professor Burkhard Schmitz
Design & Interaktive Systeme

University of the Arts Berlin

UdK is one of the oldest Universities of the Arts, and houses schools for Fine Arts, Architecture, Media, Design, Music and Performing Arts.

Its origins lie in the years 1694/1696 as a Prussian art academy. The product and fashion design departments are located in the heart of Berlin at a common location. Renowned designers such as Nick Roericht and Andreas Brandolini have taught design at the UdK in the past. Former students of the UdK are among others: Burkhard Schmitz, Axel Kufus, Jasper Morrison, Oliver Vogt, Herman Weizenegger, Werner Aisslinger, Osko Deichmann, Lukas Wegwerth, Dirk Winkel, David Geckeler, Lisa Keller, Hanne Willmann and Philipp Weber.

Product Design is as IPP (Institut for Product- and Processdesign) based in the heart of Berlin at one location together with Fashion Design. Acknowledged designers like Nick Roericht and Andreas Brandolini have taught design at UdK in the past. Former students at UdK are amongst others: Burkhard Schmitz, Axel Kufus, Jasper Morrison, Oliver Vogt, Herman Weizenegger, Werner Aisslinger, Osko Deichmann, Lukas Wegwerth, Dirk Winkel, David Geckeler, Lisa Keller, Hanne Willmann and Philipp Weber.

Product Design at IPP

The Product Design program of today has a four year BA Course, a one year MA Course and intense exchange programs with (inter)nationally befriended colleges, institutions and companies. It offers strong and cutting edge knowledge transfers on Design & Art, Industrial Design & Technology, Cultural Science & Design Theory, Design Research and Design Practice.As Berlin University UdK Design is rooted in research with institutes such as Fraunhofer Institut and Max Plank Institut around its corner. However the Product Design department also houses the reknown Design Research Lab founded by Telekom Innovation Laboratories.

The Design Practice courses each have their own focus on a specific scope of design, but they all teach and empower the development of conceptual and autonomous design thinking to be applied in products and strategies for our future. During their studies students can choose to enroll these different Design Practice courses, thus developing their own attitudes and field of expertise.

Annually a grants program supports selected BA and MA graduates in establishing their practice after leaving the UdK.

GDG – Submissions
More about the projects on the Graduates Platform

Julius Führer
Sandro Bodet
Merlin C. Everding
Andreas Weidauer
Marie Radke
Julian Kuf
Isabel Meier-Koll
Silva Albertini
Julius Terhedebrügge
Louie Gavin
Matthias Gschwendtner
Louis Bruno Bindernagel
Yuhang Ke

Christine Oehme
Merlin C. Everding
Tobias Trübenbacher
Martin Fenske
Paulina Heinz
Yannik Rohloff
Valentin Bufler
Anna Koppmann
Sascha Huth
Eike Voss
Tillman Vanhöf
Tim Quan Schröder
Daniel Tratter
Kimia Amir-Moazami
Narges Nadia Rezaei
Marcel Bauerfeind
Agnes Kelm
Moriel Blau
Ayosha Kortlang
Lisa Marie Böhm
Malte Bossen
Adrian Bachmann
Magnus Michel & Bodo Pahlke

Philipp Hainke
Wen-Hsin Tu
Georgia von le Fort
Xinying Li
Tomma Suki Hinrichsen
Tim Bader
Amelie Graf
Marion Bilano
Alexander Etzel
Milan Siegers
Juan Garcia
Dong Liu
Parinaz Jabirian
Joana Schmitz
Felix Yarwood
Sandra Dewi du Carrois
Bastian Thürich
Dennis Nguyen
Elisa-Josephine Ammarell
Daniel Theis
Ethem Civelek
Hyein Pyo
Sarah Sekles

Jonna Breitenhuber
Milan Friedrich
Moriel Blau
Cindy Valdez
Sophie stanitzek
Marie Scheurer
Charlotte Marabito
Max Löw
Lea Huch
Emilia Knabe
Patrick Palcic
Xining Xu
Isak Han
Julian Ribler
Laureanne Kootstra
Katharina Bellinger
Aicha Abbadi
Cosima Toshi
Richard Lennox Krause
Sarah Duda
Gabriela Neumann & Victor Gonzalez
Dirk Biotoot
Marie Radke
Jihye Kim
Ana Beatriz Dantas
Niklas Böll
Arne Soltau & Stefan Knauf
Philipp Heinke
Cathryn McAnespy

School Profile Projects

At UdK-Berlin, both BA and MA graduates choose their own topic for their final projects. During their studies, they are challenged not only to focus on product design, but also to reinterpret existing and constantly changing technological and social processes, with their effects on products, systems and society. The chosen profile projects reflect this critical attitude.


Tim Bader / Kaeru

For this rucksack mass-customised production was explored via new textile technology: Tailored Fiber Placement.

Amelie Graf / Mattering

Based on extremely thorough research, this project shows how the amount of food packaging can be reduced and become a part of your meal.

Jonna Breitenhuber / Soapbottle

A soap bottle made of soap itself, to lower the amount of materials (and plastic) in one product.


Moriel Blau / Compliance

A solid investigation into how moving parts in products can possibly be designed from one material instead of many different ones.

Philipp Hainke / Organico

Development of a light and strong material for the furniture industry from traditional and renewable resources.

Marie Scheurer / Pipe

A public toilet for women that takes their specific hygiene needs in account as well as using water in a reduced way.