University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
Kiepenheuerallee 5
14469 Potsdam

Jörg Hundertpfund
Professor für Produktdesign

Detlef Saalfeld
Professor für Raum- und Ausstellungsdesign

Holger Jahn
Professur Mobilität und Gestaltung

Hermann Weizenegger
Professor für Industrial Design
Studiengangsleiter Produktdesign

University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Attitude in design – this is what the Potsdam approach stands for. Product design at the FH-Potdam is interdisciplinary in the courses of studies Interface- and communication design. Within the course of studies Product Design are The focus is on product design, industrial design, exhibition design and mobility.

Design aims attractiveness – what seems attractive to us seems desirable, plausible and can – at best – enchant. In this sense good design attractive answers to questions we are interested in ourselves, when we first talk about the answer, the product of the design, with the question to be confronted. Design therefore means first of all asking questions – the Questions guide us through the process of design to form. Serious Design today is therefore dedicated to the urgent and sometimes uncomfortable questions of the time – because attractiveness is not exclusive a question of luxury, but also a question of appropriateness and proportion.

Design and quality

Contemporary design, as we understand it, is essential in terms of the representation of cultural identity, it is dedicated to the sustainability of the developments, the question of sharing in the wealth of our resources, spiritual, as well as material. Design is transformation: it delivers the blueprint for the translation of ideas of the world into attractive possibilities. It is challenging and urgent questions that move us, they are these are the questions of our time. That is why we challenge ourselves and our students out. What counts for us here is the level of quality that is measured by international standards. to be measured. We let ourselves be guided by originality, which is nothing else as an inspired concept of design and quality.

GDG – Submissions
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Katrin Inga Hofmann
Laurin Buchholz
Leonardo Beggel
Isabel Redecke
Juri Zenin

Max Nissen
Omar Abdel-Moaty
Sophia Grote
Daphne Braun
Felix Landwehr
Magda Dziewit
Gabor Farkasch
Marjolein Mulder
Ruzena Hesse
Bianca Streich
Marlies Wieking

Carl-Friedrich Richter
Tobias Bihlmeyer & Ivo Erichsen
Clara Keseberg
Marta Carlesso
Elisabed Zautashvili
Martina Del Ben
Melissa Kramer
Seulki Lee

Maike Panz
Anna-Lena Wolfrum
Nicolai Thoma
Max Wosczyna
George Croissant
Daniela Pusch
Nushin Isabelle Yazdani
Ulrike Zelle
Ulrike Pier
Anton Rahlwes
Jasper Precht
Liesa Maerevoet
Antonia Fuchs
Gabriella Lányi
Jan-Simon Veicht & Elena Steffan

School Profile Projects

Anna-Lena Wolfrum / Hanako
Hairy Times / Melissa Kramer
Antikörper / Tobias Bihlmeyer & Ivo Erichsen