Muthesius Kunsthochschule
Legienstraße 35
24103 Kiel


Dr. Annika Frye
Professor for 
Design science and
design research

Frank Jacob 
Professor for
Interface Design

Dr. Bettina Möllring 
Professor for
Basics for industrial design

Martin Postler
Professor for
Industrial Design

Detlef Rhein
Professor for
Methodic Design of technical products

Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel

The main goal of the Muthesius University in Kiel is to promote art, design and spatial strategies via research and development projects as a focal point for work and intellectual debates. As the only art university in the State of Schleswig-Holstein, the Muthesius is not only a place to develop culturally relevant biographies but with its project studies also a place of particular experimentation and realisation. To a certain extent, the profile of the Master’s programme represents study courses and development possibilities for students unique in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Study programme Industrial Design

During their studies, aspiring industrial designers develop products and concepts that – in addition to the variety of forms – are socially responsible, ecologically sensible and future-oriented. Analysis and problem identification in design teaching.

GDG – Submissions
More about the projects on the Graduates Platform

Boyi Xiao
Julia Dankmer
Huizhi Huang
Fynn Stolt
Abril Villanueva
Bashar Zapen
Alison Thiel
Arista Meier
Arvid Riemeyer & Liam Statz
Julius Bahl

Erik Mantz-Hansen
Mika Siponen
Anna Ulmer
Jadwiga Slezak
Niklas Fiedler
Felicitas Muschalla
Yigang Shen

Julian Behrens
Merle-Christin Leuschner
Simon Bruhns
Henries Neumeyer
Sebastian Kommer
Finn Lassen
Anso Kim
Jonathan Leon Pohl-Hannemann
Xingchen Ye
Kilian Frieling
Moritz Loose
Sören Herber
Amir Reza Ameli

Simeon Ortmüller, Vincent Steinhart-Besser, Yigang Shen, Jingyue Chen, Tobias Gehrke
Changyang Yan
Julian Dahl
Zorica Kosztelnik
Nele Kieseritzky
Moritz Aznan
Nils Nahrwold
Julia Tanker & Sebastian Kommer
Janina Hürenberg
Dije Lian
Cathrin Königsmann
Bowei Xiao
Benjamin Unterluggauer
Steffen Mißfeödt
David Knop
Michelle Gerullis

Sustainability Design Lab

In order to focus on the subject of sustainability, the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design has established a new workspace where a sustainable future is envisioned and designed: the Sustainability Design Lab. The alumnae and alumni of the Muthesius Academy, selected by a jury of experts, implement their design projects to advance innovative sustainability projects. The Sustainability Design Lab is funded by the EU Regional Development Fund – through the European Union’s REACT-EU development grant. 

Projects Sustainability Design Lab

Peer Kohlmorgen / Incube – An incubator to control the growth process and shape of Myzelium to create new objects for tomorrow

Kilian Frieling / Beepckd – Designing sustainable packaging with a compostable wax coating
Max Boll und Kay Boll / KFVR – Structures through wood connections