Camping, Nomadending.

Johannes Rühle

Januar / January - 2019

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

What is ist?

It is a reversible system for converting different types of vehicles into functional living spaces.

What is the Topic?

The work deals with the social phenomenon of camping. The starting point was the limitation of the topic of vehicle journeys. The resulting possibility of individual travel with few given parameters creates a field of tension, which deals with the topics comfort, practical use, but also with deficit and growth needs, multiple-use as well as sustainability.

Why does it look like this?

The object is formally and philosophically related to constructivism and the constructivists of the 20th century. It consists of discrete knots, lines, and surfaces. The starting point of the depicted object was the previous elaboration of a modular system, at which the depicted solution for a vehicle of the van/transporter type uses itself. The narrow grid and the variably usable connectors, profiles and surfaces allow every traveler to create his own scaffolding adapted to his needs and thus his own reality. "[...] Constructivism is pure content, it is independent of picture frames and pedestals [...]" László Moholy-Nagy

What is special?

The absolute focus on minimal, practical function, as well as the resulting pure and minimal-mechanical aesthetics, which can also be found in the design language of space stations.

What is new?

The vehicle removal system can be individually adapted to different vehicles and requirements. And due to its reversibility, it enables multiple uses of vehicles like mobile homes, travel and transport vehicles.